Sunday, June 3, 2012

School's Out For Summer!

M&E had their final day at St. Mark a couple of weeks ago. Next year, they are off to kindergarten! While I can't believe we got here so quickly, I'm excited for next year. I think they're going to have a blast and it will be fun to watch them learn and grow.

First Day at St. Mark:

Last Day at St. Mark:

Well, that's enough to bring a tear to my eyes. **Sniffle, sniffle.**

Ward Dedication/Update

Ward was dedicated at church on Mother's Day. It is always such a sweet service and a welcome reminder of the importance of raising our children in a Christ-centered home. Afterwards, we enjoyed a meal that I didn't cook and I was showered in flowers and cards from my sweet family. 

Speaking of this little angel cakes, he is just about the sweetest thing EVER. He got his top two teeth in the past couple of weeks so he now has four whole teeth. He can wave and clap. He loves dogs and says "woof woof" whenever he sees one. He has the sweetest little voice and talks often. He has started to rock a little bit and will lunge forward if he sees something he wants. He will also scoot backwards some, but he is not crawling. He does not like the feel of anything on his feet and refuses to put any weight on his legs, so no standing either. His pretty blonde hair has gotten curly in the back, so that along with his big beautiful blue eyes warrant him many "She is just so pretty!" comments when we're out and about. I just smile and say thank you as I walk away with my little boy in his truck outfit. Silly people. Ward has been napping much better lately and still sleeps great through the night. As of a few weeks ago, he is also weaned. He is now indulging in the likes of hamburgers, whole milk, juice, macaroni, asparagus and ANYTHING else we put in front of him. He eats what we eat. The boy loves to eat and would eat until he literally overflows if we let him. This little baby is so loved and gets loads of kisses and hugs all day everyday. What a fun addition to our family he is!

2012 Ballet Recital

Madeline LOVED ballet this year and it culminated in a beautiful performance about a month ago. The theme was "All Things Bright and Beautiful." The little ballerinas all sang the song together before their individual class performances. Each class had a seasonal theme and M's was "fall leaves." I got a video of the rehearsal as no recording was allowed during the actual recital. M worked out the kinks in the rehearsal and did an excellent job in the actual recital. It was (for lack of better words) so stinkin' cute.

She was awarded a bouquet of flowers from her boys and she received her real reward (read: bribe) for a job well done afterwards in the form of painted toenails (her first time and a very effective bribe).

M is looking forward to more ballet next year!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Soccer

I asked Eli whether he wanted to play soccer again or play baseball this spring and he chose soccer. Once again, he had a blast playing and we saw some improvement too. Eli is so funny to watch because he just loves to be out there playing but I don't think he totally understands the concept of soccer yet, nor does he yet have that competitive fire burning. (Sometimes I have to remind Daddy that he is only 4 years old and it's just about having fun now.) 

Eli gave this season two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

NOLA Visit

The week after Easter we loaded the kids in the car and traveled down to New Orleans to visit with Granddaddy and Vivian. We had a blast and M&E have already said that they want to go to New Orleans again sometime. One of the many, many wonderful things about my children is that they are great road trippers, even little Ward. I think traveling and experiencing different places is so important for children and I hope that we will be able to continue broadening our horizons! 

Cafe Du Monde for beignets. We put away several orders.

A stroll around the Riverwalk. M&E thought the cruise ships and riverboats were pretty cool. However, they were not fond of the freaky huge caterpillars all over the place. Eli even got stung by one and it was quite the fiasco. Seriously, we caused a scene.

Playing at Audubon Park.

The streetcar was fun. Ward was so funny - he danced to the noise it makes and then he fell asleep.

The pool on the roof of our hotel was FREEZING but that couldn't keep M&E out of it!

Joseph, Natalie and Isaac flew in to surprise Granddaddy for his birthday. We had a fun time with dinner and dancing to celebrate.

We also got to visit with my Grandpop, M,E&W's great grandpop.

We had a big time in the Big Easy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Sunday School class had an Easter Egg hunt for the children this year and it was hilarious to watch M&E's very different tactics for egg gathering. At the end Eli's basket was full because he gathered up all the eggs he could find. Madeline on the other hand had very few eggs in her basket at the end because when she would find an egg, she would open it to see what was in it. If she didn't like the candy selection it contained she would close the egg back up and put it back down. Hilarious!

We had fun visiting with Mama Kaye and Mike this year!